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Our creed is what drives our decisions every single day.

I like to play long term games, with long term people. I want to build a world where my grandchildren can flourish. I am motivated by impact, more than money (but money is an important resource). I’m a helper. I believe that opportunity and challenge are synonymous. I believe intensity is not as important as consistency, and consistency is a prerequisite for exceptional results. I believe in the sunk cost fallacy. I am naturally curious but sceptical, and break things down to their fundamental truths. I believe that time will either promote you or expose you. I am frustrated by the state of healthcare in the world. I can change the world.

A bit intense perhaps, but we are truly frustrated with certain things in healthcare. Of course, the way we deliver and provide value is through empathy and kindness.

As you can tell, we are driven by long-term and first-principles thinking. What this means is that your long-term health is at the core of our advice. If a nootropic provides long-term benefit in addition to short-term benefits then it is more likely to be recommended than a nootropic that doesn’t positively impact health longevity.

Inspired by Automattic’s creed.


If you want real advice, from real people then you’ve come to the right place.

Science, evidence and integrity are in our DNA at Nootritious where we set high standards for transparency and research quality. Every piece of content we release is based on diligent research that is screened for bias and rigour.

To that end, every single article has to pass a simple yet vital benchmark before it can be published; “Is this advice that we’d be giving to our closest friends and loved ones?”.

We want to be your trusted source in navigating the latest evidence-based possibilities for your health. That’s why we prioritize accuracy based on feedback from medical advisors currently working in health care. These are the same people who work tirelessly at all levels in the healthcare system.

As the world changes, we adapt our articles to include the latest information. We believe in the concept of continuous improvement and always make judgements based on the best evidence.

Our founder’s letter.