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The road to why we exist is long and it took us decades to get here.

I began researching nootropics in desperation to help a friend undergoing BCG treatment for bladder cancer.

When cancer recurred, the second-line (mitomycin) chemotherapy treatment failed to work so I was desperate for solutions for my friend.

One sleepless night, as luck would have it, I stumbled upon medical articles for panax ginseng (specifically rare ginsenosides) and maitake mushroom and their effects on cancer cells in vitro.

These studies were replicated so they passed the initial sceptic test.

Upon finding two suitable product, they were ordered without any expectations of success. At this point, we were desperate and losing hope.

At the same time, our friend was undergoing a third round of treatment for bladder cancer.

This form of treatment was less potent than the previous two rounds of chemotherapy however the urologist advised against stronger treatment.

The symptoms from BCG had resulted in our friend having extreme pain and rheumatoid arthritis rendering him unable to rise from bed for months.

We had to help our friend use the toilet as they were so weak. It was a tough time. What follows on is an anecdote, however in the weeks prior to the localized chemotherapy treatment (which had no side effects indicating its mildness), our friend began to change for the better.

Consecutive treatment had left our friend lethargic with a bleak mood, yet in the weeks after beginning his two supplements he was eating well for the first time in years.

This was followed by an improvement in his mood. When the tests came back for the biopsy (detection of cancer), we found out our friend was in the clear. But this time was different. Their outlook was hopeful.

At first I was overcome with relief, but then I felt a deep sense of frustration in the weeks and months afterwards. If I had known earlier, my friend may have not suffered through a mountain of pain and misery.

They had remarked that since beginning the supplements their perception of their health had improved immensely.

But moreso, there are patients out there right now that don’t know their options. I sure didn’t when my friend was first diagnosed that I had options. I’d gone to university to study law during the years of my friends treatment yet it felt pointless. I dropped out. That was 10 years ago and my friend is still with us. My goal with nootritious is to make sure that this information IS free.

That those want it can have it. And understand it.

Gone are the days where only professional athletes and the uber rich can access such information and knowledge.

Yet despite the enormous potential, there are a lot of false promises out there. A lot of what is being sold is not what you are being told it is. This is deeply frustrating as well that legitimate use cases are being drowned out. That’s why we only provide evidence based suggestions in our content. The science always comes first. It has to.

What we will never do

We aren’t a substitute for medical advice. Nurses, doctors and those working in the industry are our heroes here at Nootritious and the reason why we exist at all. If you work as a doctor, dietitian or nurse and want to help us, contact us at

If you are a writer, please contact

Moving forward

Nootritious will not stop until we reach 1B unique readers in one year.

To achieve this will move fast.

We will not let you down.

Hitting post on this letter was hard yet it is an authentic reason for why we exist. We will always be transparent with our incentives.

Thanks for reading this far,